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Employee & Customer software benefits, made simple

Home-Use, an Employee Purchase Program for software. Home-Use enables the distribution of Antivirus software and Office 365 Home for employees and customers. Our focus is to offer you a secure and easy solution for your personal devices. The program was launched in 2014, by SaaSForce. SaaSForce started the eCommerce brand “Home-Use” to support multiple employees and customers loyalty programs in the software ‘space’. Home-Use offers a solution for employees / customers and companies.

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Home-Use for employees and customers

Each day hacker from all over the world are trying to take over your computer with all kind of consequences. Ex. Crypto lockers, ransomware,… With our program we try to simplify the process in order to buy secure software. Benefits of Home-Use:

  • We offer the best discount
  • We offer a support platform
  • You can use the software on multi devices
  • We are having global availability
  • Home-Use helps to mitigate the risk of being a malware carriers.
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Home-Use for B2B customers

Over the years we have noticed that enterprises are better protected once their employees are using secure software products at home. Service we can offer other companies:

  • Deploy a branded storefront for the on-demand delivery of a software products license
  • Provide end-users first line support in registering and managing their license and autorenewal settings through email, telephone and chat
  • Provide renewal mailings to endusers in order to keep the renewal process going
  • Provide marketing support for the launch and development of the offering
  • Develop new go-to market plans for direct-to-end customer communication.

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