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What are the payment options?


If you want to pay safely and quickly you can always choose Bancontact/Mr. Cash or Maestro. This way you need only enter your card number and expiry date and you then go automatically to the familiar website of your own bank. Here you should check the amount once again and you confirm the payment with a card reader or password (depending on your bank).

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CREDIT CARD offers various credit card options, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, among others. The payment is only debited when the item is delivered. Your credit card details are always sent securely via an SSL-secured server. So payment via credit card is absolutely safe. You must always enter your card number, expiry date and CVV number.

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PayPal is a worldwide online payment service. If you choose PayPal payment you must have a PayPal Account. You then just enter your e-mail address and password and you can proceed to pay. PayPal stores your credit card number, PIN codes or other details. So you no longer need to have your credit card details on hand.

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Sofort is a payment method available in nine European countries and is primarily familiar in Germany and Austria. Our German customers can therefore make use of it. Sofort is an online direct transfer method. To pay with Sofort you need only select your bank, sign in with your confidential internet banking details, enter the confirmation code that you have obtained from the card reader of your bank, and finally you receive a summary of your transfer. With Sofort your order can be processed quickly.

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Dutch customers can pay with IDEAL. You settle your purchase immediately and pay safely and efficiently in the internet payment environment of your own bank.

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