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Nomadesk File Sharing & Synchronisation 3 users

Nomadesk File Sharing & Synchronisation 3 users


Nomadesk offers secure and efficient file sharing and synchronization. In our encrypted Vaults, your files are safeguarded and easily accessible, even offline. All data is stored in secure datacenters in Belgium and Germany. Never worry about privacy, data loss or GDPR compliance again.

494 51 / Year
Number of Installations 3
Digital download Yes
Subscription period 1 year
Language Multilingual
Shipping Free, via e-mail
Price incl. VAT

Enjoy robust data protection with our theft-proof Vaults, encrypted local drive, and remote wiping capabilities.

Safeguarded with 256-bit encryption, your files and folders become invisible when the Nomadesk application is closed, so unauthorized access is impossible.

If your device is stolen or lost, Nomadesk remotely wipes cached Vaults and helps locate the missing device on Google Maps.

Unlimeted Storage

Easily manage your files online or offline. Use the intuitive file manager to view Vaults, upload multiple files, move, copy, rename, preview, and share files with FileLink.

Nomadesk's unlimited backup ensures equitable cloud access under our Fair Usage Policy.


Theft-Proof Vault

Nomadesk establishes secure local hard drive Vaults protected by 256-bit encryption. Vaults are invisible when Nomadesk is closed, preventing unauthorized access.

If your device is stolen, Nomadesk’s unique serial numbers help remotely wipe cached Vaults and track the device on Google Maps



Hard drives crash and computers get stolen, but data loss isn't inevitable.

The files in your Vault are cloud-backed at each change or save, so they are redundant for instant disaster recovery. Nomadesk's unlimited backup ensures equitable cloud access under our Fair Usage Policy.


Data Sharing

Set access rights on specific files or folders to keep track of any changes to your files - or hide them for your eyes only.

Deleting items in a shared Vault removes the files from all users' local drives. Accidentally deleted a file or folder? Retrieve them from your online trashcan or via the Nomadesk portal.