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Complaints procedure and conflicts

All contracts we conclude with our customers are, regardless of their place of residence, exclusively governed by Dutch law. Only the courts of The Netherlands are competent to adjudicate with disputes arising out of or connected to these contracts. If as a result of international law the law of a different country applies, the interpretation of the current terms and conditions will in the first instance be done in accordance to the Dutch Law on Market Practices and Consumer Protection.

By way of Alternative Dispute Resolution measure, the Federal Service de Médiation des Consommateurs has been appointed to receive all demands of out of court settlement of consumer disputes.  The Service will int16ervene directly or transfer your complaint to the appropriate service.  You can contact the Service de Médiation des Consommateurs via this link:

In case of cross border dispute, you can contact the "Online Dispute Resolution" platform of the European Union via this link:

If we can’t make an arrangement together via our personal complaints service on [email protected], as a consumer you can contact will mediate between you as a consumer and us, if your complaint is accepted by them. Only complaints submitted via the complaints form on are dealt with. This label organization has all the right information to further address your complaint.


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