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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen 5 devices
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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security NextGen 5 devices


Browse the web without any risk of encountering deceptive phishing sites and content. ZoneAlarm Extreme Security uses premium real-time anti-phishing capabilities, making sure your personal information isn’t targeted. Phishing email scams and URLs can’t trick you into revealing your data, as every submission form you encounter is scanned for potential threats before you submit your details. Stolen passwords and identity theft? No longer at stake.

  • Safely shop and bank online
  • Protect your privacy and browsing on all websites
  • Keep your personal information safe from Phishing sites
  • Prevent hostile takeovers of your computer in exchange for ransom
  • Avoid dangerous Wi-Fi hotspots and eavesdropping
32 95 / Year
Number of Installations 5
Digital download Yes
Subscription period 1 Year
Language Multilingual
Shipping Free, via e-mail
Price incl. VAT

What's inside


  • Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Engine: Detects and removes the most recent viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, bots and rootkits.
  • Advanced Firewall: Monitors programs for suspicious behavior; spotting and stopping new attacks that bypass traditional antivirus protection.
  • Anti-Phishing: Included in Web Secure Chrome Extension. Protects your private information from phishing attacks while you browse online. Scans URLs to prevent you from entering your personal information on websites that are known to carry security threats.
  • Anti-Ransomware: An award-winning solution that uses enterprise-grade technology to detect Ransomware attacks, block them and immediately restore any encrypted files.
  • Threat Emulation PREMIUM: Opens email attachments and web downloads in a virtual cloud environment to see if they’re safe.
  • ZoneAlarm Mobile Security – iOS: Warns you if your device is connected to unencrypted or unsecured WiFi networks. Blocks attempts to remotely seize control of your camera, mic, and more.
  • Support: Free customer support (24/7 online help), including in-depth information resources. 30-day satisfaction guarantee -- or your money back.
  • Game Mode: Optimizes the performance of your online gaming programs, giving you the option to temporarily suspend security alerts, virus definition updates, and automatic scans.
  • Advanced Real-Time Antivirus: Checks files against an up-to-date database of virus signatures to protect against newly emerging threats.
  • Two-way Firewall: Proactively protects against inbound and outbound attacks -- while making you invisible to hackers. Stops spyware from sending your data out to the Internet.
  • Identity Protection Services: Helps to prevent identity theft by guarding your personal data.
  • Threat Extraction: Included in Web Secure Chrome Extension. Removes potential threats from email attachments and web downloads.
  • Anti-Keylogger: Prevents identity thieves from stealing your passwords and keystrokes.
  • ZoneAlarm Mobile Security: Protects your device from malware, malicious apps and unsafe networks. Keeps you safe from phishing attacks in real-time, across all apps: email, messaging, and social.
  • Real-time Security Updates: Get the quickest response to online threats with our real-time DefenseNet security updates that ensure you're always protected.
  • Web Monitor: Web Monitor scans web site before they are accessed and web content before it is downloaded.


Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 All versions

32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM

2 GHz or faster processor

1.5GB of available hard-disk space


Microsoft .NET framework

Version 3.5 or later

Note: If a supported Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed, it will be installed with ZoneAlarm


Web Secure Chrome Extension

Google Chrome (All versions)


ZoneAlarm Mobile Security App

Android 4.2 or newer

iOS 9.0 or newer.


ZoneAlarm is only compatible with MS Windows Defender, and is not compatible with any other anti-malware software.

To install ZoneAlarm, you must first uninstall other anti-malware software. Otherwise, you may experience OS stability and computer performance issues.

How does it work?

Need extra help installing/activating ZoneAlarm Extreme Security?


Buy a software key from Home-Use.


Download & install the software via the ZoneAlarm site.


Enter the software key when asked for during installation. That's it!

Impressed by ZoneAlarm Extreme Security? Don’t hesitate!